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Boston Medical Malpractice Case 2011

Earlier this year during March 2011, a doctor and nurse practitioner out of Needham, MA ended up being charged with regard to allegedly giving and dispersing prescriptions to acknowledged substance addicts to make money. In the case around the medical doctor and nurse practitioner it has been learned that these people offered for sale unneeded pain relievers to the users in exchange for cash and insurance payments. This claimed distribution and sales seems to lead back so far as 2003. This particular claimed malpractice could possibly have prompted the deaths of six folks in recent history and as many as a dozen or so from 03 until now.

It’s pathetic to imagine that a health practitioner which needs an oath to save lives will give into money above principles. The physician and practitioner recognized completely properly that the individuals they sold crack and also other medicines to were junkies. The physician and practitioner were additionally allegedly conscious of these same drugs could well be resold in the local community to other individuals. Whilst both the medical professional and nurse practitioner have been charged with conspiracy to illegally deliver controlled materials, it’s not yet determined if any additional charges shall be added.

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