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Detox at Treatment Center

Detox is short for detoxification. As it concerns drug or alcohol dependency, detox is the method of extracting toxins from the body as well as dealing with and decreasing the withdrawal symptoms that oftentimes go along with the process, a few of which may be debilitating dependant upon the substance.

Experiencing detox at a rehab center will be the first step in what is generally a 30-day program. Dependant upon the substance the patient has been abusing, detox might require professional medical direction to monitor health conditions. In scenarios where health is not at risk but withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant, medical procedures could be taken to decrease the severity of symptoms.

Following the detox part of the treatment, the patient will begin a series of personal treatments and group therapies designed to help the person make prolonged changes in their thinking, conduct and feelings. The process, followed up with ongoing support once the affected person leaves the facility and maybe in addition to a twelve step group, gives the affected individual a high probability at recovery.

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