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DJ AM Survives Plane Crash-dies of accidental drug overdose

DJ AM, referred to as referred to as Adam Goldstein, acquired popularity as a person in the group known as Crazy Town. He proceeded to get the title DJ AM through his gift of performance Deejaying at functions for the rich and famous. In September ’08, DJ AM lived through a single motor plane wreck which took the lives of 4 of the half a dozen passengers, in South Carolina. While he was in critical condition and a coma he continued to recuperate and carry on his occupation in t . v . and Deejaying .

As irony would have it, approximately a year later on , from his near miss with destiny, DJ AM was found deceased in his New York home from an evident pharmaceutical overdose. Early indications were considered to be decided by the first responders, authorities and ambulance, that pills were remaining on the table close to his bed and that one of several tablets was not ingested. The last verdict would come a day in the future stating that DJ AM died of an unintentional overdose of medication containing a mixture of medications and cocaine.

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