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Dr. Drew vs. Charlie Sheen: A Battle to Sanity

Considering the most recent rumor relating to Charlie Sheen and his probable manic symptoms, every shrink would like to take a chance at studying Sheen. Dr. Drew, however, gives his views that Charlie Sheen may just be bipolar, on the grounds that Sheen’s signs or symptoms match that of a manic depressive person.

Dr. Drew, identified by many as a celebrity psychologist, isn’t a new person to offering conclusions. He has tagged Sheen as a bipolar identity without actually counseling Sheen. Sheen, alternatively, is not taking the public advice without offering up his viewpoints on Dr. Drew. Sheen once stated he’d take on Dr. Drew in the arena and show him who is “winning.” The fight proceeds, to this day, with Dr. Drew persistently diagnosing Sheen’s indicators and suggesting to the public that Sheen needs to be taken into custody. With Sheen being let go from Two and a Half Men, we’ve yet to discover what the long term holds for him.

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