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Harm Reduction Network

Harm reduction refers to a doctrine which allows drug addicts to engage in their own drug addiction in a way that reduces the potential for harm to themselves or other folks. Rather than discipline the user, the philosophy is usually to supply help a person that will eventually help him lose his or her addiction. Types of harm reduction tactics are needle trade programs or perhaps safe areas where people can turn to get clean injection products, information about drugs as well as standard medical care, treatment contacts, and having access to health staff members. Not all of these types of programs are available world wide. By inquiring users to join up to for these particular varieties of plans, the wish is they will be demonstrated a better way from their drug addiction. The Harm Reduction Network is a absolutely free, volunteer/participant-based plan which provides help, information along with training to users along with alcoholics through meeting and internet based chat groups. Teams are arranged geographically and sometimes by drug abuse choice.

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