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John Belushi’s Untimely Death

In 1982, in the time his passing away, John Belushi was probably the most desired stars in Hollywood. An experienced person, part of the Blues Brothers and also a skilled acting professional, he met his untimely demise as a consequence of abuse of drugs. Belushi was famous for partying after working on Saturday Night Live, and was always in search of the newest experience. He’d suffered a drawback in terms of obtaining work which proved prosperous, but his skills has never been questioned.

Belushi loved to live the lifestyle of a rock celebrity, partying hard and fast. Drugs were definitely a common staple and when he was discovered deceased in Hotel Chateau Marmont it was subsequently determined he had both cocaine and heroin in his system. Fresh needle marks were found on his arms but good friends just weren’t surprised. Despair was amassed, but his close friends recognized his partying way of life and just weren’t amazed that his loss of life was a outcome of drugs. Soon after his passing, some jobs he was working on were standing at a halt, with buddies worrying that Belushi had cursed the jobs with his death.

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