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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana or cannabis is a crop whose leaves, stems, flowers and seed-stock are smoked to provide a euphoric high. Unlike cigarettes made from tobacco that include nicotine, an addictive substance, marijuana does not naturally possess chemical ingredients which render it physically habit forming to men and women. Users are literally in the position to put it down and walk away if he or she desire.

However, although absolutely no actual physical dependency exists, like a lot of illegal substances, the use of cannabis may be habit-forming. People that frequently use it to chill or even to deal with the down sides in their life can be dependent on it in this way. While stressed out or even nervous and when unable to smoking pot, they may become more distressed as well as troubled, also hostile. However, it is a much less an actual response as compared to a psychological or psychological one that they are really encountering. Individuals might need guidance to find out to handle everyday life without having to use weed.

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