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Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is known as a youthful singer who has earned the hearts and minds of an incredible number of supportive gals globally. However, parents are scared at their children seeking to copy Miley Cyrus, a person these people say is a horrible role model.

Since her climb to popularity, Miley is not without her share of controversy. As a teen, she posed for photographs in her undergarments and shared them via cell phone. She’s been seen to park in handicap spaces, claiming to have tachycardia and employing that for an excuse. Never mind the fact that she is able to give high stamina events, walking only a few feet ought not to be a concern. Her notorious photograph shoots at the age of sixteen wearing just a sheet is way too sexy for a celebrity her age group, regardless of what her sex appeal is. By means of measures such as these, it’s no surprise that dads and moms wouldn’t like their little girls behaving just like Miley. You can find better heroines nowadays for little girls to follow.

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