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Miss USA Checks into Rehab

Being a contestant in the Miss USA competition, you have to possess a squeaky clear persona. It would appear that Miss USA ’06, Tara Conner, was able to represent that impression and win the title. After the announcement of her appointment, however, rumors and images came to light of Ms. Conner’s hard partying avenues. Not only was she rumored to generally be out consuming to a great extent and consuming illegal drugs, but photographs surfaced of her allegedly making out with a different Miss USA contestant.

Tara Conner nearly sacrificed her title but was spared by Donald Trump in a moment of consideration. Despite the accusations of underage drinking, Trump chose to give Conner another opportunity with terms. As a condition of maintaining her title, she was instructed to get into a treatment center for her irresponsible drinking. After the rehab program, she revealed that she viewed incidents growing up that led to her dependency.

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