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Myths vs Reality: Prescription Pain Medication Abuse

Open up virtually any magazine these days and you will come across an article regarding a particular person hooked on drugs. The process commences innocently enough, you have an pain, you visit your physician and so they prescribe pain medicine. You start out taking these and feel good. This needs to be the finale of the scenario, nevertheless, a lot of people take pleasure in the way they feel while on these types of medications and carry on with their use even after the prescription should be used.

It’s estimated that 20 percent of American’s have both used prescriptions for no reason other than to feel good or have misused their medications for the same effect. With the accessibility of approved pain medications, it isn’t hard to learn how this would come about. Drug dealers now carry them as part of their stash and they can even be purchased without a prescription on the internet. The fact is that this mistreatment of prescription pain killers has generated an astounding quantity of deaths attributable to accidental overdose.

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