Oxy Addictions and their Treatment

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Oxy addictions are serious. Oxycontin can be very addictive and sometimes requires the help of a professional to detox and rehab from. Call today to get treatment help specific to your needs.

Oxy addictions have become more and more popular these days with brand names including OxyContin, Oxyfast, Percolone, and Roxicodone. These are narcotics that provide relief from pain due to oxycodone, the opiate that is twice as powerful as morphine.

Withdrawal from oxy addictions

These are characterized by physical psychological dependence of the individual on the drug. Due to this when the addict gets off the drug, he or she experiences various physical reactions of the body which has to adjust to the lack of the drug that it was used to. This physical and psychological dependence pushes the person towards pain, agitation and restlessness along with various other problems, some as serious as chronic depression and insomnia. That is why proper treatment has to be administered to addicts who are trying to get off the addiction. This treatment should be physical and mental which involves trying to understand the person and their basic need which led them towards the addiction. Handling the withdrawal symptoms especially during the detoxification period is especially challenging.

Types of Treatment

The famous 12 step program is usually applied by a lot of rehabilitation centers in order to help an individual to get off drugs, recover from it and to prevent relapse. The 12 step program is based on certain principles like admitting that there is indeed a problem and the individual is not able to manage that addiction and compulsion alone. It also includes recognizing the power of god to give strength and to examine errors of the past and make amends for these. The other principals include learning how to lead a new life with a clean code of conduct and most importantly helping others who are suffering with a similar addiction or problem. Basically it tries to instil hope and faith in an individual along with interpersonal skills to gain social support.

Oxycontin treatment

Behavioral therapy and medication are two important aspects of the treatment. Cognitive and behavioral therapy often involved in understanding or making the individual understand the aspects of the environment around him and the triggers that stimulate his addiction. That way, the individual can initially avoid and later try to resist those triggers so that one is not caught when their guard is down. Medication might be required to reduce cravings and also to tackle the withdrawal symptoms especially during the detoxification process. Intervention and psychotherapy are also provided as part of the treatment at rehab centers, particularly because counseling and cognitive therapy are just as important as medication is to the recovery of the individual.

Individuals are treated through outpatient oxy rehab and residential rehab. In the former, treatment would be provided during the day for those who are not in a life threatening situation in terms of their oxy addictions. Other issues addressed include psychological, social, emotional, spiritual and behavioral needs of the individual. The residential oxy rehab is for severe problems of addiction and involves medical inspection, psychological inspection and assessment, consultations and sessions with psychiatrists, medication management, exercise and recreation.

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