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Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

Initially Tiger Woods, subsequently Jesse James, who might be after that? Depends on who gets found serial cheating! Sex treatment can be regarded as more of a faiytale as compared to a proper treatment stint. Even though sex addiction is actually a disease, that which we are witnessing is two timing men attempting to save what is still left of their unions. To date, neither marriage has been saved by the sexual addiction therapy.

Serialized infidelity doesn’t mean there’s a basic sexual addiction. A number of men simply realize its not possible to be faithful to one lady, especially if 1 spouse is continually moving around for work. However, it is an increasing trend in rehabilitation centers. Unfortunately, since there is simply no real fundamental sex addiction which is causing the being unfaithful, the rehab it’s essentially useless. Married couples ought to either quit fooling around or halt producing reasons for his or her dishonest tendencies in order to avoid shining a negative limelight on legitimate sex addictions.

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