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Repeat Trips to Rehab

Relapse is a common component of rehabilitation from addiction. Many substances possess a higher incidence of relapse than others do. The success of the rehab program has more to do with the individual’s real desire to accomplish sobriety and alter his existence than it does the particular contents of the program. Even the best plans or facilities have instances of relapse.

Even after concluding a through rehabilitation plan, if a person was forced into treatment, he may quickly relapse into his original practices. In the event that he doesn’t have a good support system in place or is lacking in the coping skills to avoid unsafe conditions, this individual may possibly lapse straight into substance abuse. Home surroundings, old buddies and also stress can all tempt a recovering addict to go back to his or her previous tactics. Even though an individual slip is not a good thing, at times the actual shame of having committed it may possibly send an addict back into the pit of dependency.

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