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Rihanna Rehab

Whilst popular wonder Rihanna is known for a few of her ballads, the song “Rehab” made a splash for all of the bad reasons. The particular timing of the production prompted a mass media madness and everybody was seeking to translate the interpretation driving the lyrics. The pop star has recognised that the lines are not linked to drug use or perhaps sex for example, but it’s left many fans to assume that the music was developed concerning the actual star’s also renowned ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Right after dating for some time, claims of abuse rapidly erupted after an incident concerning an actual physical altercation regarding the two by which police were called. Rihanna had experienced minor personal injuries soon after Brown had beaten her inside of his car. The relatively racy lyrics plus the timing of the introduction of the song has caused much supposition. Several assume that the vocals was illustrative of their topsy-turvy relationship thinking that it absolutely was dedicated to Brown.

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