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Teen Idol Leif Garrett Journey to Sobriety

Leif Garrett is famous for being a 70’s teenage heartthrob. Since then, Garrett’s legal troubles have stalked him ever since the day this individual wrecked his auto while driving intoxicated and Quaalude. The automobile accident eventually left his friend disabled as well as cost Garrett over $7 million due to a negligence lawsuit.

Since then, Garrett has been thrown in jail several times and been to rehab many times too. His drugs of choice related to his arrests seem to be heroin and cocaine. Battling the addiction has not been easy on him yet his professional life has not suffered much because of the addiction. His career has been constant, but it did slow down after 2000 as he has gotten older. He was included in the other celebrities of Celebrity Rehab with Jeremy London and Jason Wahler and exposed the show for making him to use illegal substances so they could tape his addiction. Leif stated that it took little effort or convincing for him to agree to use for the filming.

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