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The Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s unpredicted and untimely departure at the chronological age of 50 in 2009 shocked worldwide. His dying continues to be attributed fully to the overdose and wrong use of prescribed drugs. Really the only concerns even now left unanswered are whether or not the volume taken by Michael was intentional and of his very own undertaking or whether or not those nearest him might have had a aspect in his death. Body guards, close friends and those that attended him medically have been questioned in the demise.

Michael became a pop music superstar from a young age. His recognition and suggestions of addiction at home brought the performer, songwriter towards a life of seclusion. This also made him a prey of individuals in the market to develop a fast dollar at his expense. These together with other issues might have contributed to his misuse of medicine even so the final point here is this world lost a gifted genius as a consequence of drug use.

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