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The Kennedy Family Life – Long Struggle with Alcohol

The Kennedy household has remained one of the most famous households throughout the last several decades. One of the numerous factors they have been famous, other than governmental reasons and overwhelming deaths is the fact booze remains to be a battle for the relatives. Despite the fact that Ted Kennedy passed in 2009, his family fight using drinking even now remains to be an issue since it is continuing in his son.

Ted Kennedy had been usually expressive regarding his being hooked on alcoholic beverages although his first wife, Joan had trouble to continue to keep hers from the media. Though he was an alcoholic, he refused to let dependency on alcohol describe him, conquering the habit to become a successful politician. Far more damaging for the family members, is the fact that their particular son, Patrick Kennedy, struggles with alcohol consumption and drug abuse challenges. Within and out of rehab, Patrick’s fight with addiction to alcohol along with drug use remains the Kennedy Family’s battle against keeping sobriety.

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