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TV Show Glee’s Mixed Message about Teen Drinking

Almost never will there be actually any kind of facts driving the actual glamorization of teen consuming alcohol, still so many tv shows cannot display the actual disastrous truth of the pattern. Glee is the latest tv series to depict teenage alocohol consumption and befuddle the tv audiences. Is teen alocohol consumption glamorous or unsafe?

The show “blame it on the alcohol” could have been carried out much better. Yes, it’s really a fact that young adults ingest and indeed, it’s a reality that kids expire because of these choices. On the other hand, instead of portraying young adults drinking as a pleasurable pastime, writers have to take obligation for the viewers that they’re more likely to have an effect on. Even though the episode did incorporate designated drivers in the episode, the particular perils associated with teen drinking were not emphasised. Youngsters that see drinking as being a interesting action, may believe that after they employ a designated driver attempting to engage in alcohol consumption will not bring them just about any damage. We would like to discover far more truth and less glamorization from shows which are likely to have a special affect today’s youngsters.

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