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Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous both have 12 traditions connected with their organisations. Typically the 12 traditions regarding Alcoholics Anonymous are meant to define the significance of the band of individuals who are active in the organisation and plenty of other essential concepts. Pretty much just like Narcotics Anonymous, the initial tradition is specifically associated with the common health of the organization arising in advance of all else since they express individual healing will depend on the group unity concerning AA.

Alcoholics Anonymous traditions at the same time outline for you the power of the recognition of a single higher authority, just as the Narcotics Anonymous traditions. These traditions are commonly positioned for the well being off individuals active in the group, so it’s important to understand these traditions should you be part of the Alcoholics Anonymous group of people.

In the event you or maybe somebody you know necessitates the aid of Alcoholics Anonymous, chapters are available nationwide. Find them regarding support right away.

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