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What is Al-Anon?

The other day I was complaining to one of my close friends about my alcoholic dad and how sad he tends to make my life. After I was done complaining, my friend informed me that I ought to begin going to Al-Anon meetings. Number one, rude. Are you insinuating that i actually have to have help simply because of all this? I’m fine, I only need to vent every once in awhile. And two, just what is al-anon? It’s sound prefer Alcoholic’s Anonymous, and would never go to this since I’m not an alcoholic. I’m hoping Al-Anon is something different, though I don’t understand or know exactly what that is, and I need to be able to know so that I may understand my best friend and see how angry I need to end up being at them. I suppose I have always been a little more sensitive in regard to issues pertaining to my father, his own alcoholism, and how that relates to me. So I am probably moving to getting angry to rapidly and all that, yet the reality is that I feel mad. And right now I am curious. What is Al-Anon?

It’s certainly not like my father is a terrible, violent, falling down drunk alcoholic. No, no, this man only drinks nearly every single evening to a point where he isn’t really coherent and he sits down in a easy chair and drops asleep. It’s certainly not a real grave danger for me personally or anyone else. But it’s nevertheless a problem. It really will cause troubles for my household and I. For example, whenever i actually will need to be able to speak to him concerning anything essential like an function coming up or perhaps things like that, I need to be certain to do this earlier in the particular day when this guy is not consuming alcohol just because in the event I inform him after he has been drinking this guy won’t remember. Sometimes I will forget or even not get a break in order to speak to him, and at that point I have got to tell him something very important and hope for the best, yet this guy doesn’t remember.

This usually leads to this irritation of our whole family and I constantly having to refill my father in regarding things due to the fact he doesn’t understand or know what’s going on cause he can’t remember. We constantly have the exact same discussions over and over again when it comes to him and it’s so boring. And depending upon the particular night, we may be holding serious chats and he tries to way in on everything and generally doesn’t make any sense. The rest of us simply glance at each other and roll our eyes since it’s so ridiculous the way this guy acts.

Also, he doesn’t want to actually do anything, ever. He works, and later all he would like to do is take a seat in the man’s lazy boy easy chair and watch the television and drinking. He never wants to go out to dinner for a change. He never wants to walk the dog. He doesn’t want to go check out any movies. He just goes work, drink, chair, sleep. That’s it. With his drinking, it’s like this guy seems to have zero enthusiasm over anything. And it’s genuinely sad and irritating to see.

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