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What is Al-Ateen?

The other day i actually was complaining to one of my close friends with regards to my alcoholic father. Yes, my own father is an alcoholic. He seems to have been an alcoholic continually since I was in fact a small kid. HeHe gets done any job he ought to get done, and at that point he begins drinking. He drinks until he falls asleep, consequently wakes up and starts the exact same pattern all over again. Sometimes he is verbally abusive while drunk. Sometimes he is stupid as well as loopy and may possibly make absolutely no sense. Sometimes this guy acts like a villain, at times he acts like a real clown. But no matter what precisely this guy is behaving like while drunk, there is one thing he is definitely not performing as, and that is any kind of a husband and also a real father. He isn’t actually there for all of us the way a real husband/father ought to be. I don’t understand how my mom puts up when it comes to it. I think the lady simply wants to make certain all of us are economically steady and we all probably would not be without having my dad, consequently we keep on being trapped.

I was sharing with my friend that the other night my father had been snoring like a freight train. He was actually lying down in the room next to me and I had been trying to do homework. I could hardly really focus simply because it was actually so loud. So, I made the decision to get in there then get him to quit snoring. I gently woke him and then told him to turn on his side since he won’t snore when he is on his side. He woke up, he looked around like this guy absolutely no concept specifically where he was. Then he smacked me in the arm, rolled over, and next called me a fairly vulgar bad word. It was truly sad to experience. I wasn’t bodily injured or in danger, I was only feeling sad to have heard my very own dad speaking to me personally like that.

I told my buddy that I couldn’t believe what this guy said to me, how this guy gazed at myself with those glossed over eyes. I had been used to the man’s dependency on alcohol to some extent, however it still broke my heart. Then i actually began to get annoyed more as I thought about it. I could not believe this particular situation and I wasn’t able to believe that I was getting so worked up over this as I was suppose to be numb to it. I began feeling completely lost. And this is when my very good friend made a recommendation that I am seeking to be able to understand more about. He informed me that I would be wise to think about going to an Al-Ateen meeting. I was like exactly what is Al-Ateen? I’d never heard about this right up until he discussed it. He offered me a brief outline saying that this was in fact the support group program for young adults who have alcoholic household members and then are typically having difficulties when it comes to those situations.

So,So, I need to know, what precisely is Al-Ateen? I mean, I now know the overall idea, and yet I don’t quite recognize exactly how this works. I don’t entirely comprehend what it’s all about. I will need help comprehending that. I need to be able to grasp it in the event that I am to proceed to one of these types of things. It’s turning out to be crystal clear to me personally that I ought to have support when it comes to this, with my personal emotions regarding this. Maybe this will be the place where I can receive assistance from.

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