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What is Co-Dependency Anonymous?

It was recently pointed out that my long term girlfriend, Kelly, seems to have become co-dependent upon me. And I don’t necessarily mean that she is clingy and merely desires to spend a whole lot of time with me, I mean she seems to have to be able to actually do every single thing with me personally or she won’t actually do anything. I mean that the lady goes out of her way in order to “care for me” even though I don’t need that and it hurts her and consequently complicates her life. She has got an actual disorder, co-dependency is a true thing. I believe men and women who are co-dependent tend to be folks that have an unsafe love regarding some other person and show this love in unsafe ways. I constantly just used it as the joking word for clingy, little could I know I would face the genuine thing.

Her co-dependency was firstly pointed out to me by some of my guy friends, particularly my good friend Shane, but i actually blew all of them off. I figured their pretty much fellas which are lonely as well as envious that I have a sweetheart who loves me as much as this lady does. Then her pals pointed it out which I thought was actually a bit odd, they were easily concerned about her. But again, i actually shrugged that off. Then the woman’s mother and father and then my father and mother told me personally that they thought there was in fact something greater than just excessive clinginess going on. That’s when I understood that there a serious kind of problem.

We proceeded to go to a psychologist that is a professional in human relationships and marriage. It was there that these people told us that Kelly was in deed co-dependent. She loves me to a strong unsafe extreme. She won’t go to the grocery store or actually eat a real meal without me. She won’t see her friends or family members without me. She won’t function properly without me. Furthermore, she leaves work in order to prepare me cupcakes or something and bring these to my own work. And even though she could get in trouble for this and consequently is skating on thin ice at her work, she still does this merely because she really feels she has to take care of me.

This has got to change in the event the lady is to become healthier as well as if we are too last, and the fact is, it is actually not probable that we will last, which truly sucks. The therapist wishes her to keep coming back for therapy. Her mother and father would like her to go to Co-dependency Anonymous. This throws me off. What is co-dependency anonymous? There can’t actually be a co-dependency anonymous just like there is an alcoholic’s anonymous. It’s certainly not that dreadful of a problem. And precisely what will this involve then just how might it help? Seriously, what precisely is co-dependency anonymous?

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