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What is co-dependency?

We’ve just about all heard the expression co-dependency. However, not a whole lot of people realize what ultimately means. What is co-dependency? Well, it’s a health problem which people have which renders them dependent upon some other man or woman in someway. It is an illness which results in an unhealthy, compulsive love regarding another man or woman which drives them to go out of their way for this other person, damaging themselves in the process, as well as makes these people practically incapable of undertaking things without having that other person. I would probably point out there are a lot of couples out there which currently have 1 co-dependent man or woman in the relationship. And unfortunately, it will be what usually ends this relationship. Now, exactly how do I understand about co-dependency? Well, I had a mild case of that myself, as well as a distinctive case.

I was actually a little co-dependent over my good friend, Alec. This is truly rather awkward to write about, I mean, it’s another dude which is a friend, and I got to be co-dependent for him, nonetheless , that’s the fact of the matter. You see, Alec and I met during high school. We’ve been very best buddies for pretty much 10 years. A handful of years ago, we did everything together, and it felt special to be able to have this sort of a strong, male partnership in my own life. You see, my own father was never there for me growing up, he didn’t give me the closeness which i actually required as a child. So when I became so close to this particular friend, a very good friend that was very much a male leader, a real male support system, I clung to him.

II started never desiring to actually do things on any week-ends or with any other classmates except in cases where Alec was in fact going. I might make dinner for our family, and Alec would always come over. I stopped wanting to put together a meal in cases where I realized he wasn’t coming. Alec has always been one of those types of fellas who eats kind of bad and then doesn’t always eat in cases where he should. So, I started going out of my way to deliver meals or snacks to the man’s house in addition deposit these in the man’s fridge. I was always wanting to be able to help to make his life less difficult as this guy meant so very much to me, I wished him to be well taken care of.

The truth is, he wasn’t appropriately taken care of by his mom growing up. So, this person lacked this attention. My mom took wonderful care of me, therefore I recognized how to provide this care to him. Yet, I didn’t have that stable male figure in my life, that this guy gave me. So that developed this vicious cycle of co-dependency. We soon noticed that what had been going on was strange and in addition it was wrong. We had to be able to take a real step away from our own companionship because it wasn’t good.

That came to be a distressing time, though I did come out of it. I went to this shrink and worked out some of the actual problems. One day whenever I was with the shrink i actually asked, “What is co-dependency?” When he discussed it, I recognized that that was the thing I experienced been with regard to Alec, and consequently that I needed to modify that. And I have. Alec and I are at present best friends, and yet because of co-dependency, it needed a lot of work to be able to stay like that.

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