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What is the best treatment for cross-addiction?

I’ve got a tiny bit of a predicament with my friend, and the man’s name is James. No, I’m just kidding. He isn’t the actual problem, yet his condition has grown to be my problem. You see, James has got a more than minor addiction difficulty that I am helping him deal with and it’s never easy. James is actually my very best friend, this guy has been my good friend for about eight years now. I can’t envision everyday life without him, and yet I almost had to. James became a pretty substantial alcoholic after his partner for four years broke up with him. I realized it was actually a risk, it’s a tendency that his family has. Anyway,Anyway, the man’s girlfriend left him, this young woman he thought he was actually going to marry, then he began drinking to help numb the ache when nothing else helped. He may have guys night along with all of us and blow things up during video games and consume boat loads of pizza, he could have incredible meals made by myself and be treated to a movie, he could sleep together with arbitrary females he come across at the bar, he could actually be surrounded by all the men and women that love him, however nothing helped. Nothing helped except for alcohol within his mind.

Once this guy lost his employment and was hardly functional due to the fact of his alcoholism, I had to be able to act. I battled with him over this particular point yet I subsequently got him into treatment needed for alcoholism. He was in there for a little bit more than a thirty day period then came back out alcoholism-free. However, I don’t understand exactly how they just let him go from this center since this guy was still an addict of some kind. In the treatment, he received opiate pain killers for the withdrawal from alcohol symptoms. He grew to become addicted to those pain relievers and these people supplied him a few everyday. When he came out, he some how discovered the way in order to find the pain killers for home and consequently began abusing them. Shouldn’t this rehabilitation center have actually seen this coming? I assume it’s my failing for picking a low quality center for him.

Anyway, currently this person has the addiction to opiate pain killers and continuously acts like an idiot purely because of them. He is not healthier or possibly sane. He is unhealthy and simply numb. He needs other help, however this time, it’s got to indeed be the correct help. What this guy has, this particular addiction to opiate pain killers because of his earlier addiction to alcohol is recognized as cross-addiction. So I ask, what is the most effective treatment pertaining to cross-addiction? And i actually mean, what precisely is truly the very best treatment pertaining to cross-addiction? I’m far from kidding around. This my own very best friend and he needs assistance like no tomorrow. So someone help me personally give support to him.

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