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Why Has Oxycontin Become a Street Drug?

Oxycontin is usually a form of Oxycodone that’s marketed as a time released pain killer. Its classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance due to the large possibility of dependence on the substance. While the drug is actually accessible by doctor’s prescription, it has become increasingly more available on the streets for addicts to obtain from sellers.

Although Oxycontin is actually a time release substance built to be consumed whole, addicts will break or chew the pill to get around the time release. When the pill is crushed, it’s snorted through the nose, like cocaine. The drug could be diluted in water and inserted into the veins as well. These methods of altering the tablet result in faster, more powerful highs.

As time passes, the body will build up a tolerance for the substance, making it necessary for addicts to up the dosage to acquire the high feeling. Having a tolerance to the drug is incredibly dangerous because after the drug is taken in greater doses, the likelihood of overdosing rise. Due to the fact Oxycontin depresses the nervous system, overdoses will shut down the respiratory system and cause subsequent death if they are not taken care of instantly. Other indications of Oxycontin overdose include: seizures, coma, and confusion, loss of consciousness, lack of breath and throwing up.

Oxycontin has changed into a street drug due to the numerous users who seek illegal ways of obtaining the doctor prescribed medication. While medical doctors refuse to prescribe more pills after realizing that their own patients are using the drug, addicts are left suffering from withdrawal and may fork out larger rates to get the pills on the street.

In order for the drug to be found on the street, there has to be a method in which the dealers obtain the pills. There has been instances noted where pharmacists have stolen pills from the drug stores and offered them to agents for profit. In other cases, young adults have stolen from their parent’s medicine cabinets and offered the leftover prescription pills for the money as well. Both these activities result in Oxycontin being available as being a street drug.

Preventing an oxycontin habit certainly demands the help of a detox facility because of the severe withdrawals that you go through as the drug leaves your system. One user described the withdrawal saying that he felt like his flesh was burning and his bones were melting. This alone shows that the drug is efficient at addiction. A drug addict may ignore aspects of his life to take the drug, not to mention lying and robbing.

Detox is the greatest solution for weaning your self off of oxycontin. By allowing a health care provider to control your dosage amounts so that the dose will become minimal and finally stops, you are relinquishing control but combating your addiction at the same time. After the drug isn’t in your system, treatment by means of rehab will probably be important; or else the probability of relapse enormously grow. Because the drug is capable of messing up your life, the quicker you will get support, the earlier you could move on with your life.

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