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Years of addiction defeated by 60 days in drug rehab

I had been addicted to cocaine for a little under 10 years. A day would not go by when I didn’t need a hit of it. When I first started doing cocaine, I thought it was just to occasionally have a good time. Just something to do on the weekends when I went to parties to all get messed up. Unfortunately one day before work I tried using some cocaine to make my job as an entry level business administrator a little more interesting. It transformed my normal routine day into a fun day at the beach. I think that’s when the real addiction started. Using the drug before or while at work, made my day a lot easier for me to deal with. And the best part was that nobody seemed to care, or so I thought. And so, that’s when I started my life as a drug addict. Little did I know, it would take me 60 days in drug rehab center to end this problem

After years of doing drugs, I was feeling a lot weaker. It was such an effort to get up and do anything. I felt like an absolute sloth. In contrast to what most drug addicts think, I knew why I felt like this. It was because of the cocaine, but I ignored it of course. I just kept about my same routine. And then, people weren‘t acting the same way they used to toward me. All my friends were telling me I was looking like I was in bad shape and that maybe I should cut back on what I was doing. The friends that matured, stop talking to me all together. At work, everyone sped right by my cubicle. They all looked down as they passed me by in the hall. And out of the corner of my eyes, I could see them all watching me with judging eyes. This became extremely irritating, but it was still not enough for me to do something about it. Cocaine still gave me an edge I wasn‘t ready to give up.

However, you know it’s time to do something when your boss calls you into his office, confronts you about your addiction, and offers to send you to rehab for free while holding your position open. That‘s exactly what my boss did. I haven’t heard of many bosses who have been that generous when it comes to something like drugs, but thankfully mine was. He told me I was a great worker and he didn‘t want to send a loaded great worker back into the job marker. He told me he was in a similar position himself when he was young. Obviously he got his life together, but he wished someone cared enough to help him with his problem back then. He swore to keep my job in the company open if I went to a 60 day drug rehab of his choosing. He’d pay for everything and if my time in the center was successful, I‘d still have my career when I got out.

Since it was such an irrefutable deal, I agreed. However, that was not without hesitation. I mean, 60 days? That’s 3 months, a third of the year, almost a whole season! How could I be locked away in a building for 3 months? But I knew that if I still wanted a career and a chance at turning my life around , 60 days is what it would take. And so, on February 20th 2009, I entered into the drug rehab.

I was immediately assigned a rigid schedule I had to follow everyday. Our days went something like this: wake up, breakfast, class, 12 step class, lunch, personal counseling, class, gym, dinner, relaxation time, bed. It was a pretty rigid schedule, but very necessary. If we hadn‘t been on such a strict schedule doing all those classes and workshops, I don‘t think I or anyone else in there would be sober.

After the first 30 days, I felt sensational. And the next 30 days entailed less of a strict routine, but more classes on being a healthy participant in the outside world. They taught us how to go about a normal life and avoid doing drugs and drinking alcohol. They showed us how to take care of ourselves mentally and physically in order lead happy and healthy lives. This last phase of the treatment was vital for me because before this I had no idea how to have a day without drugs. This really addressed my problem and taught me how to live from day to day.

After 60 days, I was a new person. I felt like I was reborn a new. On May 20th 2009, I left the 60 day drug rehab center I was treated at. I moved back into my oldcondo, but soon found a new one that I could live a healthier life style in . I returned to my old job with a new outlook on everything. My boss was greatly pleased with how far I had come. He told me that if I did good work, there may be a promotion in my future as long as a continued to do my work as a clean person. Now, almost 2 years later, I have received that promotion and am looking forward to what the future has to offer.

Checking into a 60 day rehab problem. 60 days in drug rehab ends in success and happiness. A 60 day drug rehab program is necessary for some addicts to be fully recovered.

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